M A R E  N O S T R U M  -  S P A C E  F O R   D I A L O G U E  A N D  D I V E R S I T Y

T h e   V o i c e   o f     W e s t   A f  r i c a

Collective Memory & Collective Consciousness


o  Ibrahima SOW - Doctor of Philosophy

Researcher at IFAN Cheikh Anta Diop (Fundamental Institute of Black Africa)
Head of the Department of Scientific Information
Editor-in-Chief of IFAN Bulletin B
Initiator of the Laboratory of the Imaginary

Author of:
- African Philosophy
- The symbolism of the imaginary
- The divination by the sand
- Divination Marabout Destin
- Penda the Peul


Ibrahima SOW sur la Diversité, l'Identité et le Dévélopement



o  Brahim SAKHO -


Coordinator of the 'Grappe TICAA'   (Tourism, Cultural Industries and Crafts Art)


Brahim SAKHO speaks about his stategy of developement, cultural identity and the Mare Nostrum Project:



o  Abdoulaye Makhtar DIOP -  Surpreme Head of the Lébou Community


'Grand Serigne de Dakar' - élected in April 2013 from the Lébou Community


Offers his Patronage and his promotion of the film réalized in the context of the Mare Nostrum Project

on the role of women in fishery  and their role in society - between tradition and modernity




o  Alioune NDOYE - Lord Mayor of 'Dakar Plateau'


He speaks about his relationship with the People Lébou, about the cultural values in times of globalization and welcomes the Mare Nostrum Project.