M A R E   N O S T R U M   -   S P A C E   F O R   D I A L O G U E   A N D   D I V E R S I T Y


Confrontation with a culture whose survival is threatened by globalization and migration

As part of the modular construction of Mare Nostrum, this pilot project focuses on the valorization of memories of different actors who are caught between tradition and modernity. A better understanding of their historical and cultural baggage will identify new ways of cooperation for sustainable living conditions and the recreation of options for young people. This on the demand of the actors in the fishing communities aware of not being able to simply continue as before.

The Pilot Project was initiated - after a peparatory phase in June 2010 - in June and October 2011. 

Who: Carla ZICKFELD, idea, realisation and direction, Stefan KARKOW, visual documentation,                women in the fishing sector from Hann, Yoff, Kayar and St. Louis, interprofessional fishing associations from Kayar, Yoff, Hann and St. Louis, fishermen, women fish processors, fish traders / wholesalers, artists, the Healer Bineta NDIR from Yoff and the griot Ousmane DIOUF for the sacred.

The pilot project is concentrated on two main points of view that address overlapping and complementary aspects of the problem - constituted by the behavior and representations of values rooted in the traditions of the people of the sea as well as the needs, opportunities and threats made by modernity. This permanent tension, how to understand and use it in future to create real opportunities for transitions towards lifestyles and interactions - this is the thread of the Pilot Project.

I - The first main point of view of the research focuses on the collaboration with women in the fishing communities to better understand and document how they live demands, often conflictual at their regard, and in what ways they seek to build possible futures for themselves, their children and the whole family. Was also researched the current situation of fishermen and stakeholders of the fish marketing. These researches has been done on the background of the fisheries crisis and the migration.

II - The second point of view of the research was conducted as an action research to deepen in the socio-cultural environment of coastal communities, the representations underlying values of conversation. The action research conducted on the role of representation and the sacred in the value system of coastal communities in Senegal allows a better arrangement between tradition and modernity, and at the same time serves as pivot between the different approaches of the research to ensure consistency.

Expected results: The main expected results are validating the consistency of all research with a multi-media documentation including a documentary and an illustrated book in the public domain to supply a major awareness on challenges and opportunities represented by the social-cultural situation of the traditional fishing communities in Senegal.


Carla Zickfeld and Stefan Karkow want at this point thank again explicitly the protagonists from the traditional fishing villages for their commitment and the confidence given us during the collaboration:

Ndeye DIENG, micro fishmonger, general secretary and president of the female cells of CNPS (National Collective of Artisanal Fishermen of Senegal), KAYAR

Fatou Diop NIANG, representative of the women fish mongers of CNPS, HANN 

Khady FALL ‘’Sela’’, representative of the women fish mongers of CNPS, HANN

Fatou SARR, daughter of Khady FALL ‘’Sela", HANN

Coura DIOP, mother of Khady FALL ‘’Sela", HANN

Awa SEYE, fish processor, midwife, president of the female cells of CNPS, GUET NDAR (St.Louis)

Bacar FALL, fisherman, president of the Economic Interest Group (EIG) for the management of the landing site of ‘HANN-Pêcheurs’ 

Abdoulaye Gueye DIOP, president of CNPS, KAYAR

Malick GUEYE, fisherman, religious man, wise, traditional village GUET NDAR (St. Louis)

Massene NDIAYE, fisherman, president of the Local Committee of CNPS, GUET NDAR (Saint Louis)

Tamsir FAYE - the oldest of the fish mongers in HANN

Ousmane DIOUF, Griot, Mouthpiece of the spirits towards the community - and emissary of the Holy Prietress

The priestess BINTA with the wise women, the patients and the community – YOFF

Sada FALL, general secretary of CNPS, GUET NDAR (St. Louis),  

Mandraye YOOTE, founding member of CNPS and Member of the local Committee – GUET NDAR (St. Louis)

Yacine NDAW “DIAL”, fish processer & marketing, HANN

Mamy GUEYE, choreographer, Cultural Center HANN

Group MAMY, Hann

Astou GUEYE, micro fish seller, YOFF

Daouda MBENDUE "NDIR", singer and artist, YOFF

Abibou DIOP, teacher, Principal of CEM (Middle school), KAYAR

Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA", artist, DAKAR

Moussa Sambalaye DIOP, artist,Dakar

Boucar FALL, traditional chief of the artisanal fishermen, HANN

Ibrahima DIENE ‘’PARA’’, fisherman, municipal councilor in YOFF

Assan GUEYE, fisherman, son of Malick GUEYE – GUET NDAR (St. Louis)

Babacar MBAYE ‘’ROKH’’, fish monger, general representive of the fishmongers in HANN

Para Mbaye FALL, fisherman and griot, St. LOUIS

Djibril SEYE, National Secretary CNPS, charged for the relationwith the Parlament, St. LOUIS