M A R E  N O S T R U M  -  S P A C E  F O R  D I A L O G U E  A N D  D I V E R S I T Y

T h e   V o i c e  o f   W e s t  A f r i c a 

Collective Memory & Collective Consciousness



Direction and coordination - Carla Zickfeld  

Visual Documentation - Stefan Karkow

Coordinator SN - Mamadou Ndiaye « THIA »


Principal Partner for the modular realization of the Mare Nostrum Project :

Omar Ndoye -  psychologist, researcher at the IREP - Cheikh Anta DIOP, Dakar


Identify new ways of cooperation towards more sustainable living conditions

and re-creation of option for young people        


Partners for the conclusion of the Pilote Project :

Bineta Ndir, Healer, Yoff, SN                                                                        

Omar Ndoye, Psychologist, Teacher and Researcher at the IREP Cheikh Anta DIOP, Dakar

Ibrahima Sow, Philosopher,  Teacher and Researcher at IFAN
www.marnostrum.net  o  carla.zickfeld@marnostrum.net  youtube: XamWissen marnostrum.net


MarNostrum conclusion Projet Pilote.pdf
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Conclusion of the Pilot Project:
Collective Memory - Collective Consciousness - Between tradition and modernity
The Pilot Project is dedicated to the promotion of the cultural heritage of traditional fishing communities in West-Africa and especially to women in fisheries and their role in society.
It was prepared on-site in 2010, started in June and October 2011 and has as a priority the creation of a documentary database.
This phase includes a documentary, for the appreciation of the various actors who live the tension between tradition and modernity, and have an exemplary role in the culture of fishing communities. Better understand their historical and cultural background will identify new paths of cooperation for sustainable living and recreation options for the youth.



Prof. Omar NDOYE, in Psychiatry about his collaboration with the healer Bineta NDIR - video in french

Omar NDOYE, Conference about the ceremony N'DOEP - Transe Therapy at the Lébou People in Senegal - video in french

Bineta NDIR

Bineta NDIR, healer from Yoff - a first portrait - video in wolof and french

Healing ceremony of the Lebou - the N'DOEP - Trailer - video


Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA" , local coordinator of the Mare Nostrum Project - video in french

Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA" explains us his work about the people of the sea in Sénégal - video in french


Chiara BARISON - about the migration and the senegalese woman - video in french